Friendships, Graffiti & Snug Jeans

Today I had the pleasure of meeting one of my oldest friends for lunch (civilised eh?). We have one of those friendships where we don’t see each other a great deal, or even talk that often, but then we meet up for lunch every once in a while and then wonder why on Earth we’ve left it so long since the last time! It was really wonderful to hear all her news and plans and made me realise that one of the ways I should aim to make 2013 the best yet, is by redeveloping some of my friendships. And I’ve begun already.

Eli (the friend I met for lunch - left) & I when we were 14? 15? and being interviewed about the eating disorder awareness campaign we were running at the time.

Eli (the friend I met for lunch – right) & I when we were 14? 15? and being interviewed about the eating disorder awareness campaign we were running at the time.

People change and drift apart and sometimes it’s difficult to remember why and how you became friends in the first place. In some cases, this works just fine – you can pick up where you left off. In other cases I’ve found that sometimes, friends who you could have never imagined being distant from, just aren’t a positive influence on your life any more. I think one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever been given is to weigh everything up in terms of benefits and costs; do the benefits of something outweigh the costs any more?  I believe this is particularly true in terms of friendships. Sometimes you need to be a bit selfish and cut out people who are a consistent negative influence, for whatever reason.

(If any of that interests you, I recommend these two articles on negative relationships, from one of my favourite websites, The Change Blog. In fact I basically just recommend the entire website, it’s brilliant.)

On a completely unrelated note, I also found an amazing piece of graffiti artwork done a day or so after the Sandy Hook school shootings on a blog on here, and just had to share. Such a powerful yet simple piece which sums up the tragedy perfectly I think.

Quite a deep blog today eh? On a lighter note the jeans definitely aren’t feeling any looser after going for lunch today. Tried to be good and have one of those pizzas with a hole in the middle and salad, which was fine until I was still hungry, ordered tiramisu and they accidentally bought me two bits because they hadn’t cut it in half… oops – (for the record, I soldiered on and cleared the lot). Ah well, I’m going to Zak’s tomorrow (one of my favourite local restaurants, an American Diner with the most incredible selection of burgers & steaks – any Norfolk person that hasn’t been there I strongly urge you to…!) so the jeans will have to remain snug until at least the weekend.

Until tomorrow,

M x

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2 thoughts on “Friendships, Graffiti & Snug Jeans

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