Goodbye 2013

So here it is, my last post of the year and of my blog a day challenge! As promised here’s a roundup of what I think my main achievements of the year have been.

1. Coming back from a head injury to get a first in my second year. Very proud of this and think my head injury has massively changed my perspective on everything.

2. Went interrailing!  Best 5 weeks ever. Never done anything like that before and just the experience of seeing everything and meeting new people was incredible. Definitely given me the travelling bug. Gran Canaria in September was lovely too.

3. Made some great new friends (work wise guys ;)), and left some others behind.  Cliché as it may be, the people you surround yourself with have such an impact on you. Definitely one of the things that had the biggest influence on my year.

4. Done a year research internship and mentoring. Both of which have proved incredibly useful in learning and gaining experience. Hopefully one step closer to where I want to be.

5. Overcame one of my biggest fears of exercising in front of people and completed my first race.  Even though it wasn’t a long race, I’m so proud that I completed it in front of all those people.

6. Dedicated more time to doing things I enjoy. I’ve been to the cinema and read so much this year and taken back up piano and started yoga.

2013 has been such a great year for me and I’m definitely a happier person for it. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my daily ramblings. I can’t say I’m sad to see the end of blogging, but who knows maybe after a week break I’ll start to miss it?!

I hope 2014 is a wonderful one for all of you!

M x

I’m going to round up tomorrow’s post (and the year!) with the things I consider to be my main achievements in my mission to make 2013 my best year yet. So for my penultimate post I thought I’d reflect on the main things 2013 has taught me.

1. First and possibly most importantly – the people you spend the majority of your time with have a huge impact on you; your attitude, your outlook and your mood are all influenced, whether it’s in a good way or not.

2. I’m capable of doing way more than I thought when I put my mind to it. You can achieve a lot in a very small period of time when you try hard.

3. A lot of worries are bigger in your head than in real life. Once you start facing up to fears, you realise they’re not that bad after all, or if they are, you’re stronger than you thought you were because you got through them once and you can do it again.

4. I worry a lot less what people that aren’t my close friends think of me.

5. Thinking positively and being proactive massively changes how “lucky” you are, and what opportunities come your way.

6. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes. It’s okay to say no, or get rid of commitments or things that aren’t worth your time, or just aren’t working for you anymore.

Whilst some of these things seem quite common sense-y, this is the first year I’ve really thought about them. All of these are things I’ve learned through things that have happened to me or I’ve done this year. Some of them might apply to you, some of them might not. But by paying attention and making a conscious effort to make changes, my whole mindset and attitude to things has shifted so much in the past 12 months.

Until Tomorrow,
M x


Resolution for 2014

Into the final 3 posts! Technically I’ve completed a year of blogging today, this is the 365th post, I did my first post on NYE last year.

I’ve been trying to think of what I can do for my New Year’s resolution for 2014. After blogging every day for this year, I’m definitely not going for any kind of challenge that involves daily commitment! Underestimated how hard it would be keeping up a daily blog. I’d quite like to do something fitness related for 2014, but I refuse to make a really cliche resolution that will likely die out by February! I’m wanting to keep up running, maybe do a race or two and take up yoga on a more regular basis. I think maybe I’m going to come up with a list of challenges to tick off by the end of the 2014 rather than having one big challenge.

Plus it’s hard to know what to set when you have no idea where you’ll be or what you’ll be doing 6 months from now. Pretty exciting prospect really. Not many times in your life when you have the freedom to do absolutely anything without any ties.

Until Tomorrow,
M x

Got introduced to the Mexican Train Game this evening by Nikki. Apparently it’s very popular in the US and both her and Mum came back from stays with friends raving about it. So it’s been long overdue that we play. Little did we know that 12 rounds takes a long time… it’s 2 am and we’ve just finished what felt like a marathon Mexican train game. Sad to say I lost, but I am at least very well practised for next time.

Been out for lunch again today, I don’t think I’ve ever consumed so much food in a week. Heading back to Exeter next week and having to live on January’s budget is going to come as a real shock to my stomach!

I did at least manage to squeeze in doing some uni work in between eating my way through the day. Still so much to do though… ugh.

Until Tomorrow,
M x

So Christmas is over and we’re into that weird limbo in between xmas and new year where nothing really happens and you’re wondering whether it’s still acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast and/or lunch… (for the record it definitely is). I’ve had the most lovely few days with family celebrating, hope everyone else is enjoying or has enjoyed the break. 

Importantly there’s only 5 more blog posts to go until I’m done for the year. I’ve had a lot of people asking whether Student on a Mission will be continuing. The answer is no, or at least not in the same format that it has been, and it definitely will not be updated daily! Whether after a break I decide to post about specific challenges and progress remains to be seen. But I’m always amazed (and touched) that so many people bother to keep reading.

Until Tomorrow,
M x